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A Day Out At The Village

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Every day throughout the year Arnaoon Village invites you to its exclusive open Lebanese and International buffet, an exceptionally popular tradition that brings together people from all over the country to savor delicious dishes in a convivial atmosphere. Our wide open green spaces make for the ideal road trip or family outing destination for people of all ages to socialize, relax and play in.

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Weekday and Weekend Day Out

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Activities at Arnaoon

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Arnaoon is the perfect place for children big and small, no matter their age, to spend a day out together:

Zip Lines
Test your skill and endurance on the 220 meter village zip overlooking the village and designated for kids under 12 accompanied by an instructor or an adult, or on the two 130 meter valley zip lines made for users 13 and above.

Jsour el Hawa – High Ropes
Users 13 and above can also try the High Ropes course, which includes 10 courses of adventure games: Floating Zigzag, Monkey Bridge, Balance Rope, Balance Tree, Shaking Zigzag, Swinging Logs (level 1&2), Spider Ropes and Iron Steps.

Jsour el Hawa – Low Ropes
Users aged 7 to 12 can try the Low Ropes course, which includes many fun courses of adventure games.

Ghabet Shamshoum Park
An ideal place for kids aged 7 to 12, this outdoors park surrounded by nature includes a Bridge Crossing, a Slide, a Monkey Bridge, a Low Rope, Swings, a Climbing Wall, a Balance Game and a Spider Web.

Kharoufi Park
A safe and welcoming environment for our youngest guests, Kharoufi Park offers loads of fun for children aged between 2 and 6 years, with kid-sized activities such as a Mini Football Court, a Basketball Court, Swings, Slides, a Climbing Wall, a Tree House, a Tourniquet, Workshops and Tricycles.

Mazra3et Bou Nedman
The Farm is where all the animals in the village are gathered to welcome guests of all ages, with onsite veterinarians waiting to provide a tour and fun facts about all the animals that can be seen and interacted with, such as peacocks, sheep, geese, ducks, pigeons, rabbits, monkeys, chicken, birds, donkeys, horses, dogs and turtles.

Droub El Hawa – Go Kart Track
4-wheel karting cars of different sizes are set to allow guests aged 6 years and above to drive around a specially designed race course, an exciting ride in the fresh country air.

Droub El Hawa – Kids Biking
Kids aged 6 to 12 years can grab their handlebars, burn rubber and experience cycling like never before! Riders will improve their skills, learn new techniques and gain confidence. Gears and bikes are available.

Droub El Hawa – Mountain Biking
Users 13 and above can ride on our mountain bike trail while enjoying breathtaking scenery and kicking up the adrenaline feel. Gears and bikes are available.

Swimming Pool
No summer day is complete without some good old-fashioned fun at the pool. Arnaoon Village’s brand new swimming pool for children between 4 and 12 is a great place for kids to have a splash and socialize as they learn to swim or just play around in the sun. It includes 4 Slides, Showers, a Restroom and Lockers.

Train & Bus Rides
Suitable for all ages, Arnaoon’s rides provide a taste of good old-fashioned fun with several trips around the village’s extensive natural landscape, allowing guests to relax together and enjoy the breathtaking view.

Reservation is a must!

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