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Arcade Venue, Arnaoon
Old House Venue, Arnaoon
Arnaoon Village Virtual Tour
Arcade Venue - Arnaoon Village
Old House Venue - Arnaoon Village
Arnaoon Village Virtuaal Tour

Welcome to Arnaoon Village website

ARNAOON Village is a 300-plus year old Lebanese village that existed during the Ottoman days and its name stood strong throughout the years keeping its geography rising on a hill-top over the historic Msaylha Fortress along the Batroun Highway, North of Lebanon. The villagers back then decided to defend its glory and refused to give it away to the Ottomans. Team Arnaoon also decided to cherish this heritage by reviving the old houses’ ruins, beautifying the scattered landscapes and educating generations on respecting Mother Nature. This and much more renders Arnaoon a heart-pounding village embracing a bouquet of locations and services fully hosting memorable celebrations and quality moments ranging from private occasions and weddings to corporate events as well as lodging in its old houses or enjoying the generous Lebanese cuisine in its exquisite old style restaurant. Come and smell the aroma of our blazing chimney logs at Arnaoon Village.

Arnaoon is the garden we never had… the village we always dreamt… the serene and simple life to which we escape… Majiid & Dora Hkayem


Christmas Village

Welcome to Lebanon…
Welcome to Lebanonyou are a local, Lebanese abroad, or a foreign tourist, you will equally enjoy the heritage and authenticity of the Lebanese flavorful mornings, generous lunches, serene evenings and musical nights. You may experience all our other listed services yet Arnaoon Village definitely has in mind special offers suiting your touristic purposes varying from thematic nights around our old houses or at our Lebanese restaurant to morning breakfasts starting off your North Lebanon tourism to a field day rich with local old games crowned with a tasty lunch, all accompanied with nostalgic Lebanese music. Or you can simply enjoy the night life in lively Batroun and come back for the evening to rest in one of our old houses. And if you’re really into the serene settings, then spend the night for a romantic dinner at the old house or restaurant while your children are out for dancing.

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